8th Biennial
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Celebrating Biloela’s Centenary : From 1924 to the Present
Special Displays and Demonstrations . . . Meet Rick Alabaster & Marvel at the Australia Fair Concert Street Organ Rick Alabster bills himself as Australia’s only gaviman. He’s the proprietor and tender of the Australia Fair Grand Concert Street Organ which is said to be the finest organ of its type ever to come to Australia. The organ was built in Antwerp by Verbeeck. The lovely old- style organ, or Gavioli, comes straight out of a carnival fantasy. It’s about three metres high and contains 442 wooden and brass pipes along with bells, woodblocks and animated figures. The music played by the organ is encoded on a long ribbon of cards, which have holes punched into them in the same manner as a pianola roll. The puff for instrument is supplied by a hearty set of electric bellows.