8th Biennial
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Contact the Rural Hinterland VIC
The   fully   accredited   Rural   Hinterland   Visitor   Information   Centre   is   situated   at   the   Queensland   Heritage   Park   complex, and   the   volunteers   at   this   information   centre   are   up-to-date   with   all   of   the   latest   rally   information   and   can   assist   you   in planning    your    trip    to    Biloela    and    the    8th    Biennial    Queensland    Heritage    Rally.        They    can    even    provide    you    with information, and brochures, if you would like to extend you stay and exlpore the region. The Rural Hinterland Visitor Information Centre is open daily between 9am and 4pm.   Call (07) 4992 2400.
Accommodation Listing
Download this Accommodation Listing .  It may assist you in making your travel arrangements.
Other Useful Information
 Below are some links to other useful information: www.flycorporate.com.au    offers   flights   from   Brisbane   to   Biloela   (Thangool).      Visit   their   website   for   flight   schedules and bookings. www.sandstonewonders.com    the   premiere   website   for   tourist   information.      Discover   the   simple   pleasures   and   the ancient places that Biloela, and the surrounding towns of the Banana Shire, have to offer.
Queensland Heritage Rally
Here’s some information thay may assist you in planning your trip to Biloela . . .