8th Biennial
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Newsreels & Cinema Advertisments
During   the   1920’s   movie   theatres   provided   an   effective   system   for   regular   news   updates   to   the   general   population.      To many   movie   patrons,   the   newsreels   and   the   feature   movie   were   of   equal   importance,   so   our   trip   back   to   the   1920’s would   not   be   complete   without   a   selection   of   (at   times)   hysterical   historical   news   items,   mini   documentaries   and   cinema advertisements.
Daytime Movie Selection
During   the   day   there   will   be   a   non-stop   program   of   silent   movies   (5   feature   length   and   5   short   comedy   silent   moveies) including: “On Our Selection” , “The Kid Stakes” , “Go West” , “The Sentimental Bloke ” and “The Navigator” . ** Please note that there is no additional charge for daytime movies.  This is included in your entry ticket price.
Special “Family” Silent Movie Presentation
Don’t   forget   to   pre-purchase   your   tickets   to   the   Special   “Family”   Silent   Movie   Presentation   of   “The   Cat   and   the   Canary” . on Friday, 20th July, 2018 at 8.00pm. Tickets are available from the Queensland Heritage Park. Tickets are $10.00 Adults.  $5.00 Students/Pensioners.  Children Under 12 are admitted FREE (with an accompanying adult). The   complex   is   open   from   9am   to   4pm   daily,   and   tickets   can   be   purchased   at   the   front   desk.      If   you   are   unable   to   get   to the   Queensland   Heritage   Park   call   Cindy   Cooper   on   (07)   4992   2400   who   will   assist   you   in   taking   a   credit   card   payment over the phone and forwarding your tickets to you in the mail.
Queensland Heritage Rally
View movie details and find out how to secure your tickets for the Special "Family" Silent Movie Presentation on Friday, 20th July, 2018.