8th Biennial
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It’s   a   “win-win”   .   .   .   sponsoring   the   8th   Biennial   Queensland   Heritage   Rally   provides   you   with   the   unique   opportunity   to connect   with   a   diverse   audience   consisting   of   locals,   the   wider   Queensland   community   and   interstate   travellers,   whilst celebrating our nation’s glorious past and the pioneering spirit of Australians. The    2018    Queensland    Heritage    Rally    will    undoubtedly    draw    upon    numerous    clubs,    organisations    and    interested individuals   who   share   the   passion   of   preserving   items   of   heritage.      In   addition,   to   this,   these   groups   will   be   joined   by   the many   businesses,   volunteer   community   groups,   and   service   groups   within   the   Banana   Shire   and   Central   Queensland region who will ultimately become involved in the preparation, and subsequent running of the weekend. So,   as   you   can   see,   the   creation   of   partnerships   are   key   in   ensuring   the   success   of   this   event.      And,   it   it   for   this   reason, that   we   now   seek   to   form   partnerships   with   intersted   businesses.      Partnerships,   that   will   not   only   ensure   that   our visions     is     attained,     but     will     also     provide     your     business     with     that     “feel     good”     moment     when     your     support     is acknowledged.      After   all,   the   support   of   your   business   will   make   a   huge   impact   on   the   overall   potential   sucess   of   the 2018 Queensland Heritage Rally. To find out more simply download your copy of the Sponsorship Prospectus .
Queensland Heritage Rally
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