8th Biennial
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A Work In Progress
The   Callide   Dawson   Machinery   Preservation   Club   Inc.   are   currently   working   on   the   daily   event   programmes.      And,   even at   this   early   stage   we’re   happy   to   say   that   there’ll   be   plenty   to   see   and   do   at   the   8th   Biennial   Queensland   Heritage   Rally.     In the meantime, however, we have put together a list of our top ten picks . . . 1 . Meet   the   Hollands.       Visit   Adrian   and   Lee   Holland   and   watch   their   1898   Chandler   &   Price   printing   press   in   action, the only known transportable working display of it’s kind. 2 . Take   Part   in   Audience   Participation   Theatre.       Take   in   a   silent   movie,   or   two,   and   meet   Ivan   Richardson,   entertainer extraordinaire.      Be   prepared   to   make   some   noise   though,   as   you’ll   actively   be   encouraged   to   “boo”   the   villians   and “cheer” for the hero. 3 . Try   Your   Hand   at   Blacksmithing.      Register   for   one   of   the   workshops   being   held   by   Martin   Geddes   and   learn   the basics of this rare trade.  (Prior registrations is required.) 4 . Take   in   the   Spectacle   of   the   Grand   Parade.       Don’t   miss   the   Grand   Parade.      View   the   many   trucks,   cars,   tractors, motocycles, heavy horses and more in action as they put on a parade to rival all others. 5 . The   Tractor   Pull.         Watch   tractors   and   their   driver’s   pit   themseleves   against   the   “Drag   Queen”.      A   demonstration   of true skill and pulling power. 6 . Camp   Oven   Cooking.      Who   will   be   crowned   “Biloela’s   Best”.      Watch   this   competition   as   it   unfolds   on   Saturday,   21st July, 2018.  Sample some of the fare on offer and don’t forget to vote for your favourite team. 7 . Unbury   a   Treasure   or   Find   a   Bargain.       Visit   the   many   trade,   market   and   swap   meet   sites.      You’ll   undoubtedly   find something that you desire. 8 . Walk   the   Line.       Take   time   to   “walk   the   line”   as   the   Callide   Dawson   Machinery   Preservation   Club   Inc.   members demonstrate   an   amazing   line-up   of   machinery.      See   hay   baling,   bag   sewing/loading,   pumpkin   slicing,   grain   grinding and much, much more. 9 . Something   a   Little   Quirky.      There’s   always   plenty   happening,   but   we   think   you’ll   really   enjoy   some   of   our   quirkier events   like   the   Slow   Tractor   Race,   where   coming   first   doesn’t   mean   that   you’ll   win,   and   the   Motorkhana   Events   that have to be seen to be believed. 1 0 . Enjoy   a   Yarn.      Take   some   time   out,   and   chat   to   the   many   exhibitors   on   site.      After   all,   it   is   the   exhibitors   that   make this   event   a   truly   amazing   experience.      They   love   sharing   their   stories,   and   their   histories   with   people.      Don’t   be   shy, they like nothing better than saying g’day and telling you all about their latest find.!!
Queensland Heritage Rally
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