8th Biennial
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Exhibitor Registrations Open
Exhibitor   Registrations   are   now   open.      Registration   forms   are   currently   being   mailed   out   to   exhibitors   and   are   available for download from the Event Registration Page . Whilst   registrations   will   be   taken   right   up   until   the   rally’s   commencement,   it   would   be   greatly   appreciated   if   registrations are   forwarded   to   us   prior   to   the   22nd   June,   2018.      This   will   assist   in   making   final   arrangements.      Those   wishing   to   secure camping on site, should however, register prior to 30th March, 2018 to avoid disappointment.
Register Now for Blacksmithing Workshops
The   Callide   Dawson   Machinery   Preservation   Club   Inc.   are   excited   to   announce   that   they   will   be   holding   a   series   of blacksmithing   workshops   in   conjunction   with   the   8th   Biennial   Queensland   Heritage   Rally.      Martin   Geddes   has   been contracted    to    provide    two    full    day    workshops    for    participants    16    years    and    over    and    one    half    day    workshop    for participants   under   16   years   (accompanied   by   an   adult)   to   learn   the   basic   skills   of   blacksmithing.         For   further   information please visit the Workshop Registration Page .
Madcap Movies & Music Comedy Extravaganza
Ivan   Richardson,   Australia’s   only   Travelling   Silent   Picture   Show   Man   is   back   with   the   best   in   “audience   participation cinema”.      Take   an   exhilarating   trip   back   in   time   to   experience   the   music,   movies   and   entertainment   that   made   the   1920’s stand   out   in   history.      View   daily   silent   movies   where   you’ll   get   to   boo   the   villians   and   cheer   for   the   hero,      historical newsreels   and   cinema   advertisments.   There   will   even   be   a   Special   “Family”   Silent   Movie   presentation   on   Friday   evening, so visit our Silent Movies Page and purchase your tickets before its too late!!
Queensland Heritage Rally
This is your one stop shop for all the news and latest rally updates . . . Be sure to bookmark this page, as we will be constantly uploading exciting news and important updates as we move closer to the “Main Event”!!